Sous Chef for the pizza game

Story’s pizza will conquer Viikki’s CoolHead Tap Room and the summer terrace of Kasarmintori. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a sous chef in a place whose story is on everyone’s lips, literally?
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Story's pizza game has broken the sound barrier in Helsinki! At the beginning of summer, Story’s pizza conquers Viikki’s CoolHead Tap Room and the summer terrace of Kasarmitori. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a sous chef in a place whose story is on everyone’s lips, literally? If so, then it feels like we could play in the same band. Apply to be part of our Story crew and do it NOW!

We are looking for sous chefs for full-time permanent employment. The story of Helsinki's hottest pizza doesn't end in the summer, but in the autumn the pizza game also spreads to Tripla. We are looking for motivated and responsible people with experience in pizza. We hope you have organizational skills, an understanding of the cost structure of restaurant operations, teamwork skills and a positive attitude. You also have great professional pride in sharing the information you have learned and contributing to our common mission to make Helsinki tastier. Your co-workers describe you as a pedantic performer, but if you can, you can also blast. P.S. You think pineapple is definitely part of pizza.

You are the type we are looking for if

- You communicate actively, openly and solution-oriented with your team

- You manage the planning and scheduling of your area of responsibility ahead of time

- You can use a calculator and master portion planning

- You are self-initiated, cooperative and proactive

- You have a hard work ethic and you are precise in the details

- First of all, you make a damn good pizza

We want a trusworthy person ready to take responsibility to join our crew of friends. We give you the opportunity to develop into an even better expert in the restaurant industry by constantly training and developing our operations. All of Story’s team leaders regularly participate in We Are Group’s Leadership Academy and are involved in developing a holistically more environmentally friendly way of operating in our restaurants. With us, you also get to enjoy attractive employee benefits and a competitive salary along with great co-workers.

These are the values we live by at work: 

We Are Passionate: We believe we can have a positive impact on our friends' lives by making their life more enjoyable. We see our work as a calling and this calling requires passion from all of us. We put our hearts out in everything we do, we don't settle for mediocrity and we run the extra mile when needed. Working with passion is never an excuse for bad behavior. 

We Are Curious: We love to challenge the ordinary and hate to settle with the obvious. Our world is filled with opportunities and possibilities, obstacles and restrictions should never be the first things on our minds. To us curiosity means openness towards "new" and "change". We should constantly find ourselves asking: " What if? Why not? Could this work?" 

We Are Professional: We know our work. But as professionals we also know that we can and must be even better tomorrow: as an individual, as a team as a restaurant concept. We seize all learning opportunities actively and with enthusiasm. We all have been rookies at some point of our lives and we've all needed help from others to grow. For us it's an honor to coach a friend to the next level.

We Are Daring: We dare to challenge the ordinary by trying new and unknown. Some of our experiments are successes and others become failures. If we never fail, we haven't been daring enough. We are open and frank in all interactions and don't shy away from problems that need to be solved. Caring about a co-worker, a customer or a company is a daring act. We dare to care, a bit more than usual. 

We Are Friends: At the end of the day, we are a group of friends. As friends we cheer, encourage and defend each other. We even say the ugly truth when needed. In our group there are all kinds of people. We embrace our differences and encourage each other to show their personalities. Above everything, we are loyal to each other, our team and committed to what we want to achieve together.

Still sounds awesome? What are waiting for then?! Submit a free-form application and CV to us soon, we will fill the place as soon as we find the right people. The start date can be negotiated but of course we want to see you in our kitchen as soon as possible.

Story is a neighborhood restaurant originating from the Old Market Hall, serving residents of its area and those working & visiting there. We are constantly working to improve the quality of life of the people around us, taking into account the environmental requirements of the new decade!


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